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The US legal system is expensive, but protecting your family shouldn’t be. Many people don’t have an estate plan because they can’t justify many hours of attorney fees.

We built this site to solve this problem; because everyone should have access to affordable, attorney drafted solutions to protect their family and give them peace of mind. The law is complex, our software makes it easy.

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We combined a team of technology experts with Expert Estate Planning attorneys to create a new technology to bring Comprehensive Estate Plans to everyone. Thousands of hours went into the creation of these documents and the software platform to make it so easy, anyone can do it.

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~ Mark K. MPrA., CPA, JD

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We hate “legalese”. It is an un-needed barrier between you and your plan. We work in plain english, just like you! Follow a simple step by step interview with “pop-up help” to explain specific terms unique to estate planning. You don’t need any experience to build a plan customized to you! 

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You could be printing your plan in about an hour. Our revolutionary technology streamlines the interview process and our servers compile your documents as you complete questions. You can print your completed plan as soon as you finish the interview, no waiting! 


Our technology saves you money by spreading the cost of hiring expert estate planning attorneys across thousands of users.  Plus FREE updates with an active account.  We believe everyone should have the best and most up to date estate plan so we are the never charge when you make changes.  


Our documents were prepared by estate planning attorneys with decades of experience helping thousands of clients nationwide. Every family situation, asset class, and bequest option is at your fingertips. Our technology allows you to build what you want and keep you in control. 


January 2012

“If you have some assets (maybe just a car and some nice furniture) or minor children, you still need an estate plan — even if taxes are not an issue. “


A Comprehensive Estate Plan has a Revocable Living Trust at its core. A trust allows you to maintain control over your assets during your life and pass them on exactly as you wish. A Trust can save your family thousands in probate costs and fees, protect your beneficiaries, and in some situations help maximize tax savings.


Privacy for you and your family is important. Most people don’t know that a simple Last Will and Testament leaves you exposed. Every asset becomes public record. This complete loss of privacy often attracts unwanted attention. With a funded Trust, you not only keep control, you keep everything private. 


Your information is important to us. We never share your data unless you authorize it. All communications utilize SHA1/RSA 2048bit keyed SSL encryption, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest with sensitive data encrypted at 4096 bits. Independent analysis by SSL labs has given our security an “A” rating. 

Estate Planning FAQs

What is the difference between having a will and estate planning?

  • As both are used to manage and distributes the assets of a person, many people get puzzled between the two. However, the principal difference between will and trust is that while the former becomes effective after the death of will owner, the latter is effective from the date it has been created. Check out some more differences between these two terms, in the article provided below.

Comparison Chart


Meaning A will contain a declaration of the testator, regarding the management and distribution of his personal estate. A trust is a legal arrangement, in which the trustor authorizes a trustee to manage the transferred asset for the sake of beneficiary.
Document Will Trust deed
Covers All the assets of testator’s estate. Specific asset, as stated in the deed.
Effective On the demise of the testator. On the transfer of asset to the trustee.
Probate The will goes through probate. The trust does not go through probate.
Revocation Anytime before the death of the testator. Depends on the type of trust.
Publicized Yes, on the death of the owner. No, it is kept private.

What is estate planning and why it is important?

  • Estate planning creates more detailed documents than a will. It’s beneficial to those with multiple marriages or who own a business and it seeks to minimize wealth lost through taxes.